Cure or death?

One elderly person was diagnosed with skin cancer. Doctors suggested prolonged medical treatment, but there was a risk also. His fragile body may not be able to withstand the treatment. However, his wife, children, and other relatives encouraged him to go ahead with the chemotherapy. Sadly, when he had the first dose of medicine, he died. The medicine that was meant for healing, produced death. The Bible declares the wages of sin as death. (Romans 6:23) What sin is for the physical body, sin is for a whole person.
Dead ends: Many paths of salvation proposed by the world philosophers and religious leaders are indeed certain death. What seems to be right and best from a human perspective would result in death and destruction. (Proverbs 14:12) Sadly, many religions, sects, and cults promise salvation but lead to eternal separation from God, the Second death.
Good intentions: The doctors who treated the patient, had all good intentions. Even those who manufacture medicine have noble intentions. Yet, the result was death. Human ingenuity cannot produce life or save life.
Great imaginations: People who are not willing to accept the revelation of God, substitute with imaginary stories or epics. They are not historical happenings, but myths and legends. A genuine and sincere belief in these teachings also leads to eternal death.
Dangerous Pride: People who are not humble can neither receive help nor the right knowledge. Human intelligence cannot search and find God. Hence, God has revealed Himself through nature, His Word, and His Son Lord Jesus Christ. People with pride, think of their culture and nation as divine and supreme. Hence, reject Lord Jesus considering him a Jew and not the Son of God.
Ignorance: As ignorance of the law is no excuse, so is the ignorance of truth. Paul asserts that ignorance of the truth, which is evident in God’s marvelous creation, is no excuse. (Romans 1:20-21)
Simplistic understanding: There are many, who sincerely believe all paths lead to the same destination. Yes, all paths, except the Way, the Lord Jesus Christ led to one destination, the eternal condemnation, the hell.
Am I endangered by sin or saved in Christ?