No pleasure in understanding

The digital communication revolution has created many free social media platforms. They are popular and used by many people. The information has been democratized, as anyone with a smartphone and data connection could communicate to a global audience. However, on the other hand, it has empowered people, who troll or demean others and give stupid opinions on every subject under the sun. “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” (Proverbs 18:2)
No delight: A wise person gets great satisfaction in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. However, fools do not take pleasure or delight or interest in understanding. They continue to learn as long as they are alive.
Express opinion: Nevertheless, they are eager to express their opinions as self-appointed experts. The word used means speaking like a drunken person. As a drunkard babbles one thing or the other standing on the streets, these fools stagger and stammer on the information highways of the World Wide Web or Internet.
Pride: Strangely, they are wise in their own eyes. There is a Tamil proverb that states, what we know is the sand we can hold in our hand, what we do not know is the rest of the sand. Humble people realize the limitations of knowing.
I know: The opinions they share are not reasonable, but vague with flowery words to show off. The intention is to impress people that they are more knowledgeable or clever than others.
All should listen: Interestingly, they expect everyone should listen, while they do not bother to listen. In addition to that they condemn those who ignore their messages.
Lack of teachability: Fools never learn because they are saturated with stupidity. Also, they are unable to unlearn their own opinions and conclusions that are incorrect.
Disciple’s Discipline: A disciple must have attentive ears to listen to God, godly leaders, and teachers to grow in wisdom. They are humble to acknowledge their limitations and do not express unsolicited opinions, but proclaim the truth.
As a Disciple do I have a discipline of learning, discerning, and sharing?