Insensitive to God, sensitive to spouse!

Solomon was blessed with wisdom by God. Instead of depending on God, the source and giver of all wisdom, Solomon depended on the gift of wisdom. He pleased his wives rather than God.
Political alliances: He used his wisdom independent of God and decided to make political alliances with kings of surrounding nations. God had promised David that Solomon would have peace and rest from enemies from all sides. (I Chronicles 22:9) Solomon was not aware of the promise or forgot the promise or did not believe that promise. Hence, he made political alliances by marrying the daughters of kings of other nations.
Overconfidence: Great wisdom gave Solomon overconfidence in his intellectual ability, decision-making capacity, and influence over others. Perhaps, he thought he could influence the women whom he marries and make them followers of Jehovah. Solomon did not realize with his wisdom he cannot command or demand a change of heart and loyalty from his wives. These unwise decisions by wise Solomon led to his downfall. (I Kings 11:4-8)
Pharaoh’s daughter: One of Solomon’s wives was the daughter of Pharaoh. After marriage, he brought her to Jerusalem. (I Kings 11:1-3) Then he concluded that she will not leave her old religion, hence an unbeliever and unholy, and should not stay in the area where sacrifices to God will be done. So, he built a special home for her and took her outside the gates of Jerusalem. That means the places were open to the influence of the gods of Egypt.
Insensitive to God’s Law: Mosaic Law forbids marriage with unbelievers and non-Israelites. (Deuteronomy 7:2-5) As a wise person, Solomon was not ignorant of God’s Law.
Sensitive to spouses: Solomon was sensitive to the needs of spouses of foreign origin. He loved his wives more than loving God and His Law. To make the foreign wives feel at home, he built shrines for them. Hence Solomon was dragged by his foreign wives to worship Ashtoreth, Milcom, Chemosh, and Molech; by sacrificing to them. (I Kings 11:5-8)
Do I love and please God or others including my spouse and children?