Standard of Giving

One Bible teacher was invited to speak in a mega church. He had a conversation with a prominent member of the church. The member was bragging about his faith journey. “When I came to this church ten years ago, I came cycling. Then God blessed me with a motorbike. Now I own a Hyundai car. Next year, I plan to buy a Honda City. My two children are now studying in the best English medium school in the city. They are planning to study abroad. We have moved from a two-room apartment to a four room villa. In short, God has prospered and raised my standard of living.”
The Bible teacher said: “Praise the Lord. It is a wonderful testimony. Do you know why God increases our wealth?”
He replied: “God wants us to be prosperous, blessed, rich, and wealthy in this world.”
“Is there any purpose for the blessings (or) prosperity?” asked the teacher. The person who called himself blessed did not know ‘Why’ God has exalted him.
The Bible teacher explained: “God raises our standard of living to test us; are we better stewards? When the standard of living goes up, our standard of giving should go up.”
He was puzzled and gave a sheepish smile. The teacher explained: “Brother you gave 10% (tithe) to the Lord when you came on a bicycle, the same percentage when you came on a motorbike; the same percentage when you came in your car. Have you increased the percentage of your giving?”
Giving is spiritual
Human nature is to grab, hoard and not give. Giving is a spiritual trait found among disciples. As Lord gave Himself, we are called to give ourselves for doing good, building the Kingdom of God, and leading people into the light.
Work, earn, and give
The world teaches us to work, earn and save, but disciples work, earn, and give to others. Paul writes that one should earn to eat, and not be idle. (I Thessalonians 3:10) By hard labor, disciples should support the weak. (Acts 20:35)
Has my standard of giving increased?