Integrity of Daniel

The detractors or competitors of Daniel wanted to eliminate Daniel. The reason was that Daniel supervised them strictly, they were unable to make illegal gains or enjoy privileges or be lazy. To accomplish their wicked plan, Daniel should be charged with some fault or lapse that would anger king Darius and compel him to act against Daniel. The governors, counselors, and satraps collaborated to plot his downfall. (Daniel 6:4-9) They must have tried to find fault in him from different perspectives.
1) Attitude: Daniel was an immigrant and slave. Hence, there would have been racial discrimination and hatred. The conspirators expected Daniel to exhibit his Jewish racial pride and treat others with disdain. However, Daniel treated all with dignity. Blaming Daniel as a person who hates Babylonians and Babylonian Empire will be apt charge against him.
2) Actions: As a government official, there are many functions and roles he has to play. Detractors were looking for Daniel to neglect some of his roles or do not follow the standard operation procedure. Detractors wanted to prove that the actions of Daniel brought economic losses for the Empire.
3) Decisions: On behalf of the Babylonian Emperor, Daniel was delegated with authority to make decisions. All decisions should safeguard the Empire. Any decision that could hurt the sovereignty or integrity of the Empire would be a serious lapse. Daniel safeguarded the Empire even when Nebuchadnezzar was affected for seven years.
4) Behavior: They even watched the behavior of Daniel. Like spies, they could mark and monitor his daily routine without knowledge of Daniel. His spiritual life of prayer, perhaps reading sacred scrolls were known to the detractors.
5) Rebellion? Daniel could have been meeting his Jewish counterparts. That also could be interpreted by his enemies, as an act of rebellion to gather forces to overthrow Darius and gain freedom.
Daniel was not sinless, but a person of integrity and was righteous in his actions and behavior. They can find fault only about his personal habit of prayer, adherence to Jewish religion, fellowship with Jews, and spiritual convictions.
Am I a person of integrity?