Wise in doing evil?

Few people became disciples of Lord Jesus Christ in a village. These people were considered lowest in the strata of society. They were never allowed to enter worship places. However, the gospel transformed them. Now, they were invited to worship Lord Jesus Christ. A church was built in the village. When they came into the church, there was a fight among three groups. They said they were higher in status than others. They also built walls to segregate the three sections. Their fight was taken to the court. The judges were so upset with Christians that they discriminate based on caste, which is not a tenet or teaching in the Bible. The court ordered the demolition of the wall, and the order was executed. The next Sunday that should have been different, was worse. In place of walls stood the benches erected as partitions. God laments about his chosen people of Israel. “They are ‘wise’-in doing evil! But how to do good they know not.” (Jeremiah 4:22) Instead of using their intelligence, energy and focus to do good, they use all their competence to do evil. They do not have the capacity to do good. What a pathetic commentary.
God does not show favoritism. Discrimination based on any criteria is sin against God. The discrimination could be based on caste, clan, income, education, colour, language, colour, food-habits, race, nationality. Paul writes that Christ broke the wall of hostility that divided humanity as Jews and non-Jews, reconciling them as One Body. (Ephesians 2:14) Sadly, these people erected walls of hatred and hostility, instead of creating one community in the Lord as a model and example for others in the village.

A disciple is equipped to do all good work by the Scripture. (II Timothy 3:16-17) Since the Israelite did not read, study and meditate the Word of God, they could not do good. Like Israelite, disciples also build walls both visible and invisible walls of separation among the community.

Am I wise in doing good or evil?