Inviting death?

Tainos were the original inhabitants of Caribbean islands. When the Spanish people came to explore new sea routes, they reached there. Dressed in uniform and looking different the peace-loving people invited the soldiers considering them as gods. They showed amazing hospitality and did religious rituals too. Later, these Spanish people enslaved them and destroyed them. Tainos were inviting their own deaths by giving the Spaniards the status of gods.
Sadly, Satan in the form of a serpent deceived Eve. Without discernment, Eve indulged in a conversation that led her to doubt and disobey God. That resulted in spiritual death and curse over whole humanity. Satan disguises himself in various forms and gets invited into our lives, who as his nature is destroys, loots and kills us. (John 10:10)
1) Falsehood: For believers, he disguises himself as ‘angel of light.’ (II Corinthians 11:14) False teachers, False prophets and False brethren among Christian community become Satan’s tool to disguise himself as ‘angel of light’. Thinking as new revelation, or new truth, many shipwrecks their faith and spiritual life.
2) Deceitful riches: Mammon or possessions or wealth that looks like beneficial, useful and profitable becomes trap for great fall. Reminding ourselves that money as the root cause of all evil saves from eternal danger. How many have fallen getting addicted to ‘easy money’ traps of gambling?
3) Addictions: Strong drinks and drugs are welcome for ignorant young people to help them come out of disappointments, disillusions, and even depression. Sometimes it begins as social etiquette to enslave many.
4) Cyber addiction: Social media is the new sophisticated weapon of Satan. Hyper connectivity, trivia knowledge about one and all, glossy videos and even pornography entraps people. Sucked into such media interaction derails people from path of purpose, productivity and purity. Smart phone addicts numb themselves into virtual reality forgetting both temporal reality and eternal life.
Do I resist Satan or invite him to my own ruin?