Jealous God

In a village, there lived a righteous man, who always did good for others. He was not very rich but was popular. Another man was rich, envied the righteous man, and tried to harass him. Sadly, people started going to him, who misguided them and turned them against the righteous man. He felt very sad, being rewarded evil even though he was so good to the people. The respect and regard he deserved were misdirected to a wicked person. One day, as he read the Bible he got a new understanding of how and why God is a jealous God.
Jealousy and envy
Jealousy is different from envy. A person would be envious if someone else has what he doesn’t. Jealousy is when what is due to a person is given to someone else. Worship belongs to God alone, when it is given to someone else, God is Jealous.
No other gods
There is One God who is a true, living God. All other gods are false, a creation of imagination or myth or legend. Hence, God warned that by worshiping other gods, people would provoke true God to be jealous. (Exodus 34:14) It is not childish envy, but righteous anger against the wrong choices of people.
Consuming Fire
God is not only jealous when people choose foolish ways. When people choose gods of human creation and innovation, God will bring punishment and judgment on them as He is a consuming fire. (Deuteronomy 4:24)
Joshua exhorts the children of Israel to lead a holy life. God is Holy and he will not compromise with sin. Holy and jealous God will judge the sinners, who fail to repent. (Joshua 24:19)
Avenge enemies
Jealous God also will avenge enemies. (Nahum 1:2) Satan, seeking worship that belongs only to God, was rejected and pushed out of Heaven. Satan blinds people from knowing the truth and making them slaves. God will judge Satan, fallen angels, and those who reject the Truth, Lord Jesus Christ, and His grace.
Do I worship Him alone with all my body, soul, and spirit?