When joy diminishes

A young man went out to have a party with friends, as he was going to a prestigious university to do his master’s in business administration within the country. He came back quite angry, disillusioned, and without joy. His parents wondered and asked with concern. The young boy shouted: “That useless fellow…is going to the USA to study MBA. He is inferior to me in all parameters. How can I be joyful.” His parents reasoned with him that he has got a seat in a prestigious institution, which many could not even aspire to get into. Yet he was sad.
Contentment: Bible teaches that contentment with godliness is great gain. (I Timothy 6:6) At the same time discontentment with or without godliness is a great loss. Discontentment kills the joy and peace of a person. Contentment relates to godliness – trusting God for His attributes of goodness, grace, mercy, love, concern, and compassion. God gives one talent or two talents or five talents, according to His Sovereign power and authority. Accepting this reality leads to contentment.
Gratefulness: Another component of being content is to be grateful. Discontentment is obsessed with what a person does not have or possess. Gratefulness focuses on what God has granted and gifted us. Being grateful is a spiritual challenge. It is not common for humans to be grateful, as forgetfulness of beneficial things dominates human nature.
Better than me? Many are so self-centered, as they could not see goodness or greatness or righteousness in any other apart from themselves. Sadly, they think they are the Centre of the world, which revolves around them and exists for them alone.
Envy: After disobedience in the Garden of Eden, envy became the disastrous sin that led to violence and murder. (Genesis 4) Cain murdered his brother, and his brother Abel was righteous, and his sacrifice was accepted by God. Cain must have thought, if Abel is not alive, God will have only one option, which is to accept his offering. If Abel continues to offer his sacrifice, he will not be accepted.
Do I lose my joy, peace, and contentment by looking at others?