Kingdom centered life

There is news about the sudden death of young people in accidents and strange diseases; some lose their memory or limb or become invalid. Amy Carmichael a missionary who was restricted to her bed, due to an accident for twenty-plus years. One person said: “How can a loving God do this to me?” Others struggle without any understanding.
Thought Pattern of self
Generally, a person thinks of keeping himself at the center and others form concentric circles. This pattern is also used in the personal prayer of many believers, including me. The personal prayer begins with oneself, then family, extended family, relatives, fellow believers, friends, Christian workers like missionaries, people in authority, and other national and global needs. The thought begins or originates with ‘me’ as the center.
Thought pattern of kingdom
Having the Kingdom of God priority as the priority and purpose becomes the center of thought pattern. (Matthew 6:33) The last or least in this thought process is the individual. It is the reverse of the common thinking pattern, which is also evidenced in the Lord’s prayer. The prayer puts the Kingdom ahead of the Will of God and the daily human needs including bread.
Greater cause
Kingdom-centered thought patterns provide a new Perspective, Priority, and Purpose. When a government takes possession of land for the development of a dam or airport which is for the common good, the property rights of individuals become null and void. An individual is expected to sacrifice for a greater cause, the common good, or for a nation. Many times, ordinary citizens may not understand and appreciate the strategic needs of the nation. In the same way in the Kingdom of God, all believers may not comprehend the overall plan or strategy. As citizens trust the nation, Kingdom citizens trust the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Faith progress
The unknown contribution through suffering, loss, failure, defeat, and even death for the Kingdom of God is beyond comprehension. It is embraced or accepted in faith trusting God who is good and faithful always.
Do I have a kingdom mindset and thought pattern?