The Song of Moses

There are at least three songs written by Moses. One was after God’s victory for Israel over the Egyptian army; another was a song to teach Israel and his reflection about aging. (Exodus 15:1-8; Deuteronomy 32:1-43; Psalms 90) In Revelation, The Song of Moses is mentioned. (Revelation 15:3) Moses’ song of victory has five stanzas.

First stanza: (Exodus 15:1-5)
The redemption and victory bring a spontaneous response from Moses and the children of Israel. They sang in the presence of the Lord. It was a new song. The first song is preserved in the Scripture. “I will sing to the Lord,” is a great principle of worship. God is our audience, not anybody around us or the media audience. This is repeated in the Psalms at least three times. Only God, who is a man of war, could do that; he hurled the horse and rider into the sea. God Himself is the believer’s strength as well as song. Song because of the victory due to the strength of the Lord. God is indeed our salvation.

Second stanza: (Exodus 15:6-10)
Moses sang that God’s hand dashed the enemy in pieces. When we love God, it is possible to glorify God in the defeat of God’s enemies. The right hand was thought to be the hand of skill and power. The right hand is a figure of speech, and it is used more than fifty times. The defeat of Pharaoh symbolizes the defeat of all evil forces.

Third stanza (Exodus 15:11-13)
Who is God like you? Israel sang that God is not like the false gods of Egypt or Canaan. God is greater and superior to anything and everything.

Fourth stanza (Exodus 15:14-16)
The news of victory would affect other nations. The inhabitants of Canaan will melt away, which means terrified. Even after forty years, Rahab remembered this historical event. (Joshua 2:10) Even Philistines
remembered after 400 years. (I Samuel 4:7-9)

Stanza 5: (Exodus 15:16-18)
Moses sings that the people of God are purchased. God brings them and plants them on the mountain. God will dwell among them. The Lord will reign forever and ever.

Do I sing to the Lord?