Lack of preparation

One who fails to prepare (plan); prepares (plans) to fail. They will end up as a failure or a fool. The Five Foolish Virgins failed as they did not plan wisely, adequately, and effectively. They knew that they needed additional oil for the lamp, where it was available and had resources to purchase, but did not. (Matthew 25: 1-13)
Casual not serious: Being an honored guest and part of the team to welcome the bridegroom, was a special privilege. The Foolish virgins did not consider it as an awesome responsibility, but a casual entertainment show. Many do not count the cost to follow Lord Jesus Christ. (Luke 14:25-33) Those who were casual were rejected by Lord Jesus Christ. (Luke 9: 57-62)
Outsourced: Perhaps, they had a mentality to outsource the oil. They did not realize that they cannot borrow, steal, or beg to get additional oil. It must be procured or purchased. Each person must do that and cannot depend on others. A person cannot borrow the ‘faith’ of parents or relatives or friends or spouse to be saved. Reading, and meditating the Word of God, the spiritual food should be done by disciples, they cannot be outsourced. Each person is responsible for their spiritual life. No excuses. No blame games.
Plenty of time: The Foolish virgins thought that the bridegroom would come immediately. If that was so, they would have been inside for celebration. However, the bridegroom was delayed. In the planning, the Foolish Virgin did not consider the possibility of delay. Lord does not delay regarding His Promise but desires and waits for all to repent and be saved. (II Peter 3:9)
Last-minute cramming: Some people have the habit of procrastinating. They will push unpleasant or difficult tasks to the future. Thus, they end up doing things hurriedly. In fact, they point to the thief on the right side of the crucified savior, who entered paradise at the last minute. (Luke 23:43)
Jugaad: Some blindly believe that problems would solve by themselves or at the last minute everything will fall into place.
Am I always prepared to meet the Lord?