Take off your sandals

Lord commanded Moses to remove his sandals, and he said the same to Joshua. (Exodus 3:5; Joshua 5:15) Some people wonder, is it appropriate to wear shoes inside a church building?
Holy God: God is Holy and humans cannot get closer to Him. There will always be a distance. Man can never become God, hence not equal to God. However, the Lord provides fellowship to humans.
Take off sandals: When God appeared to Moses, as well as Joshua, the Lord commanded them to take off their sandals.
Humility: Taking off the sandals is an expression of humility. All humans must approach the Lord of Heaven and Earth with humility.
Presence of God: Taking off their sandals, both Moses and Joshua acknowledged God’s presence. Respect and reverence are given as God’s presence is holy.
Pollution: In those ancient times, people used to walk long distances and their feet would become dirty. So, foot-washing was done as they reached home. The sandals also would be dirty. It was symbolic of setting aside the pollution as humans approach God.
No hurry: Taking off the sandals means being available for a long time of fellowship, feast, and conversation. Lord did not want Moses to listen to him in a hurry, but leisurely.
Submission: Removing the shoes means accepting vulnerability or risk and being at the mercy of others. It is a statement of trust and surrender. It is a willingness to surrender the past, the present, and the future.
Forfeiting rights: When a person removes the shoes, it also means forfeiting rights. Moses gives up his rights and is willing to do Lord’s command.
Inner cleanliness: The external rituals and traditions may provide meaning but cannot save or transform a person. It is not the physical circumcision God demanded, the circumcision of the heart. (Jeremiah 4:4)
Cultural contexts: In some places, because of the warm climate, removing shoes during worship services is easy and good. In other places, where the temperature is below freezing point, removing shoes could be uncomfortable and even a health hazard.
Do I esteem pure heart or outer traditions?