Lick my shoes

In a key scene in an action–drama Hindi movie, Animal, the film’s lead character asks his mistress to lick his shoes to prove her love for him. In the ancient times, the slaves or servants were expected to demonstrate their loyalty in similar acts.
Trust deficit: The powerful people, which could be husbands, community leaders, or political leaders do not easily trust others. The reason is, they could not be trusted. This defect in their character, makes them think all others are not trustworthy.
Security deficit: They have an inferiority complex and want to make sure others consider him/her superior or powerful. So that, the oppressed could never think of rebelling against them.
Arrogance: Lucifer wanted worship and power. Most people desire both in their contexts. A man desires and demands from his wife and children. One who is managing or governing an institution or organization expects adulation from their employees. Political leaders want all the citizens to be submissive to them.
Dominance: For such oppressors, dominance over others is important. It also means that they will snatch the Dignity of others to maintain their rule and authority.
Fickle-minded: Most oppressors are fickle-minded. They could change their mind or thoughts and ideas quickly, to retain their power and dominance. In their opinion, others also may change their idea about them, hence it should be proved repeatedly.
Sadistic pleasure: Oppressors have sadistic pleasure, enjoying watching the pain, humiliation, suffering, and tears of others. They increase the quantum of suffering to get more pleasure.
No fear of God: Most times, the oppressors think they are gods or in complete control of their lives. They do not consider themselves accountable to God or law or others. As they do not fear God, they misunderstand that they will be caught or punished.
Herd mentality: When such a movie does well at the box office, it reflects the values in the society, sadly most people approve of such stupid, non-progressive, and anti-humanity ideas. Paul writes that a person condemns himself for what he approves. (Romans 14:22)
Do I demean others to dominate them?