Foolish focus

There is a proverb, those who chase two rabbits will not catch either one. One young man from a poor family worked hard and became a truck driver. Had a license, but did not have experience. Yet, he was entrusted to transport goods on a truck traveling through a hilly terrain. As he was driving, he saw a rabbit on the road. Being raised in a poor family, such rabbits are indeed a feast. He thought he would chase the rabbit and drive the truck rashly. The frightened rabbit jumped over the cliff; this foolish driver crashed his vehicle. The truck was destroyed, and he escaped with injuries to tell his foolish pursuit.
Life journey: Human life is a journey, right road should be chosen to reach the desired destination of God’s presence, the heaven. God places two choices before humans, life and death. Those who choose life will have eternal life. (Deuteronomy 30:19) There are a few who make the right choice, but do not pursue the path instead get distracted like the new driver.
Deviations: The pursuit of power is one of the most powerful deviations a person can take. To dominate, dictate, and direct others is a common desire of all humans. Instead of growing in the Christian values of being servants and stewards, many want to become bosses and even dictators. The lay people use all unrighteous methods to become leaders in the local churches and denominations. The clergy also use methods of politicians to be elected to offices of bishops and others. They may gain the power that comes with such positions but lose the spiritual power and moral authority. The pursuit of wealth is another deviation that makes a person earthly-minded. Lord Jesus warned where a person’s wealth, there will be his/her heart also. (Matthew 6:21)
Distractions: Pursuit of desires/lusts that are sinful and a distraction. Like rabbit distracted the driver, greed, love for money, adultery or pornography could cause a shipwreck of faith. Paul refused to be distracted from the heavenly calling in Christ. (Philippians 3:14)
Do I pursue the goal?