What is in the name?

Some of the babies born when the tsunami hit were named ‘Tsunami.’ The names of the Presidents of the USA were given to six sons in one home. Deliberately, the oppressed caste children are named in such a way that they could be identified as Dalits. Some people have names that are exactly opposite of the meaning of that word.
Follower: Rebekah was childless, Isaac prayed for a child. Twins were born to Isaac and Rebekah. Esau was the firstborn and the second, Jacob was born next with his hand grasping the heel of Esau. (Genesis 25:21-28) The name Jacob simply means follower and had more meanings too. As a follower, will he follow in faith footsteps of his father and grandfather?
Deceiver: However, Jacob desired the firstborn rights and blessings that rightfully belonged to Esau. Probably, Jacob heard that God had spoken to his mother Rebekah that the elder would serve the younger. (Genesis 25:23) Nevertheless, Isaac did not trust Rebekah and wanted to give blessings to Esau. As Rebekah advised Jacob deceived his father and stole the blessings of the Firstborn. Esau wept and complained to Isaac stating that as his name was Jacob, so he was supplanter or deceiver. (Genesis 27:36)
Changed name: Jacob was returning from Laban’s home after twenty years. With guilt conscience, he sent gifts to appease him, nevertheless, his heart was restless. His cleverness, scheming, gifts, and appeasement did not guarantee safety. Before being delivered from his brother Esau, he should be delivered from his own self-will, self-reliance, and utter selfishness. He chose to be alone crossing the brook. There he wrestled with God, until daybreak. (Genesis 32:23,24)
Israel: Jacob lost all his strength and God wanted to go. But Jacob asked the Lord to bless him before he left. (Genesis 32:27-28) He was not dictating, in fact, weeping and seeking God’s blessing. (Hosea 12:3-5) When God asked his name, he said Jacob. To receive a blessing, he had told his name as Esau, and now he told the truth. God changed his name to Israel, as he was an overcomer.
Have I overcome selfishness to receive blessings?