Little Foxes that Spoil the vine

When I stayed in my friend’s house, he was sharing about foxes under his basement. The whole family went for two-week holidays. As there was no one at home, the foxes came from nearby woods, made his basement as their home. The foxes raised a big family also. He was trying to get the forest officials, remove them and send them off into the nearby forest. The foxes could catch mice and squirrels, but they also eat fruits and like to eat new shoots. The kitchen garden is damaged and can be dangerous to small children also.
In Israel also there are many vineyards. Little foxes could damage the vine plant by eating new shoots and pulling out roots. Pesky foxes are caught and killed. It was unending fight against these packs of foxes. Little foxes damage vineyards. (Song of Songs 2:15) Vineyard could be ministry or fellowship of saints or even families that are ruined by little foxes.
1) Bitterness: This is because of an experience or deception or prejudice. Jacob was bitter with Laban that he expressed towards Leah as bitterness.
2) Anger: Young man when he gets angry used to break things, sometimes even expensive things. After marriage, his wife became the hapless victim. No wonder the divorced.
3) Unforgiveness: There is a Tamil proverb that states that only ‘great’ people could forgive. Only generous people could forgive others and also forget the offence. Some forgive but do not forget and that is hidden bitterness. Asking others to forgive needs humility.
4) Self-centeredness: Why people compete when there is no need? People try to get to first on a queque. They have not heard the commandment: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Relationships exist only on mutual respect and sacrifice.
5) Insensitive: Indifference kills relationships. Enjoying in heart while others suffer is dangerous.
6) Ingratitude: Gratefulness is true spirituality and essence of healthy relationships. When others are taken for granted, the relationships would break.
7) Discontentment: Great gain is the combination of godliness and contentment. (I Timothy 6:6)
Is your vineyard fox-free?

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