Living in the light of eternity

In the history there are many who wanted to perpetuate their names ever after death.

Create a name: Some build cities and named after them. Even the citizens of Babel Tower wanted to create a name for themselves. (Genesis 11: 4) That spirit of Babel has worked throughout all generations. Simon Bolivar is the founder of a nation called Bolivia named after him. The months of July and August are named after Roman Caesars Julius Caesar and Augustus respectively.

Journey destination is grave: Psalmist declares: “Their graves are their homes forever, their dwelling places to all generations, though they called lands by their own names.” (Psalms 49:11) Though people call lands, cities, parks, roads, buildings, institutions, nations, months…by their name, their mortal remains will be in a grave. Absalom wanted to perpetuate his name by building a tower. (II Samuel 18:18)

Ultimate bonfire: The whole world and all that is in will be burnt by the final bonfire. (II Peter 3:10) All seen things including mementos, memorials, museums. The most important thing is not our names being engraved in the world, but names being written in the Book of Life. Names not found in the Book of Life would be cast in the Lake of Fire. (Revelation 20:15)

Abide forever: People in the world like to influence the next generations by these. However, those who do God’s will live forever and enjoy rewards for their labor of love in this world. “And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.” (I John 2:17) They can have treasures in heaven. (Matthew 16:19-21) The exchange rate is marvelous, that simple acts, words, helps all are converted as eternal treasure. When we invest our time, energy, resources, knowledge, assets and skills for His Kingdom we make eternal friends by leading them to light and salvation. Such people who invest in His Kingdom could have friends in heaven. (Luke 16:9)

Do I live in the light of eternity doing His will?