Living sacrifice

Dr. Helen Roseveare worked as a medical missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She was kept under arrest and suffered horrors including rape. “Through the long dark nights, she sensed the Lord saying, ‘These are not your sufferings. They’re Mine. All I ask of you is the loan of your body.” She continued to serve in the hostile environment. (Peter Maiden, Radical Gratitude, Good Shepherd books) This is an example of giving our bodies as a living sacrifice to the Lord. (Romans 12:1)
Disciplined body: There is a tendency to do what the Bible desires. The body may like to have more sleep than that is required, more food than necessary…etc. Sleep and food are essentials, but beyond a certain limit, they are dangerous and accelerate the decay of the body.
Consecrated body: When Paul exhorts believers to consecrate their bodies for the glory of God, which is appropriate worship. Consecrated means that we are set apart for Him. Loving the Lord with all heart, mind, soul, and strength (body) means to be bodily available to do His will and work.
Instruments of righteousness: Instruments are used by someone as a tool to accomplish something. Paul exhorts that our body should be yielded to God, that it could be used by Him as an instrument. God uses his instruments to be facilitators of righteousness, representatives of his purpose, servants doing His will, and agents of transformation.
Temple of God: Temple could be described as the dwelling place of God. When a person repents from sin and invites Lord Jesus Christ into his/her life; God comes and indwells in that person. Temple must be Holy; hence a believer should keep the body holy.
Glorified body: The earthly body will perish. A glorified body would be given to believers. Those who are caught up to Heaven in His coming will experience the body of flesh and blood transformed into a glorified body. In the glorified body each person could be identified as Moses and Elijah were on the Mount of Transfiguration and the poor Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom.
Do I voluntarily lay on the altar as a living sacrifice?