Resilient Righteous!

Resilience is the capacity to face crises boldly, mentally, and emotionally; then bounce back to the pre-crisis context immediately. Many people are defeated by mishaps, crises, sicknesses, criticism, or bereavement. They do not attain their full potential or pre-crisis status. There are others, a few who excel better after the crisis.

Moses: He had to flee Egypt and become a refugee hiding in the wilderness in Midian for forty years. (Exodus 2:11-22) All his dreams, education, training, talents, gifts, and aspirations were all blank. Then Lord appears to Him in the Burning Bush, appoints him, and sends him back to deliver the Children of Israel. (Exodus 3 & 4)

David: The great, popular king committed adultery with Bathsheba. He had a guilty conscience that weighed upon him like broken bones. (Psalms 51:8) When Nathan confronted him, he asked for forgiveness. (II Samuel 12) Yes, he had to undergo punishment for the child to die. Later, David and Bathsheba’s son Solomon becomes the king. (I Kings 1:28-53) The confession Psalm has inspired millions to seek forgiveness throughout history. (Psalms 51)

Paul: The Jews conspired and stoned Paul and left him assumed to be dead. Later, Paul gets up and continues to travel and minister. (Acts 14:19-21) Paul’s zeal could not be quenched by stoning or any kind of persecution.

Peter: As Lord Jesus warned Peter of his temptation to deny Lord Jesus Christ three times, before cock crows twice were fulfilled. Peter wept bitterly and left Jerusalem. He was restored by the Lord to discipleship when he was in Galilee and came back to Jerusalem. He tarried along with others in the Upper Room and was filled with the Holy Spirit. There he stood as the spokesperson quoting Joel preaching to crowds gathered. Three thousand were baptized. (Acts 2) Within about fifty days, the person who denied bounces back to leadership.

Sickness, opposition, harassment, persecution, obstructions, hindrances, temptations, and calamities cannot stop a righteous. “The righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.” (Proverbs 24:16)

Am I a fallen casualty, or a resilient righteous?