Love for money

One Chartered Account took life insurance for his wife for a tune of rupees sixty lacs. (1 million is ten lacs) After three months, he gave contract to a professional ‘hitman’ to kill his wife in an enacted road accident. The hitman took rupees two lacs to do this wicked job. He drove his vehicle rashly to the Google map spot shared through WhatsApp and killed his wife on the spot. Police also initially thought it was an accident. The auditor immediately claimed the insurance money. However, suspicious parents of the wife gave a complaint and the auditor was arrested. (NDTV 6 February 2021)
Paul wrote the desire for money is dangerous snare or temptation. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.” (I Timothy 6:9, 10) Love of money could drive a person to do vile, wicked, and ruthless things. The learned man in the incident; loved money more than his wife.
1) Blinded: Love for money blinded his minds, perception, attitude, and emotions. He became wicked that he brutally sacrificed his wife to fulfil his selfish desire to become rich. For him, wife was just disposable item, not a person created in the image of God. After gaining insurance money, as a richer man could even get another wife too.
2) No fear of God: He was blind in his understanding. He assumed that God does neither observes his creation nor executes justice. Or else, he wanted to ‘bribe’ god with his new wealth he inherits.
3) No fear of law: He thought that he can wipe all traces of evidence and the long arm of law could never catch him. Even if police find out, he thought he could use his influence and hire lawyers with his money to come out.
4) No fear of society: This person did not blush to do evil. There was no fear of society as moral values have fallen. Society worships success and not righteousness so his reputation will not be spoiled.
Is love for money driving me away from love for God?