Seared conscience

Indian Express newspaper dated 25 January 2021 stated: Believing in rebirth theory, ‘superstitious’ couple murder two grown up, college educated daughters in Andhra’s Madanapalle. There was no natural love as parents or fear of law or society. The educated couple, husband having a Ph.D. and wife a postgraduate in science and a gold medallist; did not think or realize, murder is against human rights and law of the land. Yes, their conscience was seared; even though they were deeply religious and involved in elaborate rituals. (I Timothy 4:2)

God given conscience for all humans is a moral compass to discern right and wrong. (Romans 2:14-16) The conscience either accuses or excuses them. However, conscience could become corrupt. Paul states that their conscience could be seared or branded with hot iron as animals are branded, that makes scar which is insensitive.
1) The Truth exchanged for a lie: God’s divine attributes and eternal power are evident in creation. (Romans 1:20) Paul writes that people around the world, exchange truth for a lie. (Romans 1:25) Jeremiah accused the nation of Israel as they twisted God’s Law, Mosaic Law with their shrewd intelligence. The effect was truth twisted as a lie. (Jeremiah 8:8)
2) Unashamed: With twisted idea of truth, the Nation of Israel was unashamed when they commit abomination, and rebellion. (Jeremiah 8:12) Seared conscience means hardened heart like that of Pharaoh, unapologetic, and without remorse.
3) Re-brand: Those with seared conscience also re-label or rebrand as Isaiah states: Good as evil and evil as good; bitter as sweet and sweet as bitter (Isaiah 5:20) By renaming sins, it is not possible to make it a righteous act.
Only with the light of gospel, word of God and Spirit of God there could be a ‘Clear conscience.’ (I Timothy 1:4,5) Renewed Conscience is possible through the blood of Lord Jesus Christ, that delivers us from dead works to serve the living God. (Hebrews 9:14)
Do I have renewed conscience?