Migrant Harvesters

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, in some parts of the world, the harvest was ripe. The delay means the harvest will overripe and rot. The owners were desperate. They talked with government officials, got special permission arranged chartered buses to bring harvesters, and completed the task. Lord Jesus also told the disciples regarding the spiritual harvest. (Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 10:2)
Look at the field: The Lord taught the disciples to look at the field with intention, focus, and purpose. They were not blind but lacked spiritual insights into God’s will and purpose.
Truly great: The metaphor Lord used was that of a large field, with grains ripe and ready for the harvest. The Lord Jesus Christ considered humanity to be like a harvest field. There is a great human need as well as opportunity. The large field ready for harvest is a perpetual reality until the Lord comes again.
A few laborers: The statement means that there is a need for more workers, with the right focus and training. The opportunity should not be lost for a lack of workers. The laborers are those who announce the gospel, call people to repent, and become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Pray for the harvest: The task cannot be accomplished without prayer. Prayer is needed before the task is executed. The prayer creates a harvest interest in the one who prays. God is The Lord of the harvest, the creator, owner of all humanity. The prayer is specific, that the Lord may send laborers to work.
Send harvesters: To send means in Greek, a forceful expulsion like that of an evil spirit cast away from a demon-possessed person. As great power is needed to drive out a demon, a great power from God is needed to direct or drive a minister out to his work.
Arena of harvest: The laborers cannot choose their arena to work, God must call and send them to a specific area or region. Since, it is God’s field, His harvest, His work, he will reward the harvesters according to His divine riches.
Am I engaged in the great harvest?