Confessing foolishness

It took seven years of punishment to live like of an animal in the wild, eating grass, for Nebuchadnezzar to confess that he was a fool to imagine himself as the Sovereign ruler of the world. (Daniel 4:25-35) Fools are those who do not believe in God. (Psalms 14:1) Without eternal perspective such people live like animals without hope, involved in sin and brutality. Asaph was disturbed and distressed to see the wicked who were rich and powerful. He got an answer from a divine perspective when he waited in the sanctuary of God. Then he confessed his foolishness and thanks for divine guidance. (Psalms 73:21-24)
Grieved: The wicked had gone ahead of Asaph in prosperity and power. He thought it was foolish to lead an innocent, moral, and righteous life. (Psalms 73:13) Later, he grieved for such depressing thoughts and lack of eternal perspective.
Vexed in mind: Righteous Saints throughout history have experienced mental agony including Lot, in Sodom as they watched the wicked prosper. (II Peter 2:8) Overthinking and analyzing the wicked and tyrants harms spiritual peace. Job had to repent from such thoughts. (Job 42:6)
Foolish and ignorant: The believers who do not have eternal perspective are foolish and ignorant of the Word of God as Asaph was. As a worship leader and songwriter, he was foolish unable to apply eternal truths to day-to-day life.
Steadfast: Yet Asaph was steadfast in his faith and focus. He had questions but learned to ask in God’s presence, in His Sanctuary. Many have the right questions but ask the wrong person or AI like Google. God was with Him, and God held him by Asaph’s right hand in the moments of doubt and despair.
Counsel: During those troublesome moments, God gave Him counsel to lead him in the world of spiritual darkness and despair. Wise people like Asaph are not guided by feelings, circumstances, or experiences, but by His Word.
Glory: The new eternal perspective gave confidence for the present life; he was sure that God would ultimately receive him in glory.
Do I understand the Scripture to have an eternal perspective?