Rebuke and punishment

Moses and Aaron who delivered the Israelites from Egyptian tyranny, led them through the wilderness but were not able to take them triumphantly into the Promised Land. They were rebuked and punished. (Numbers 20:12-13)
Being rash: God-chosen leaders should not be rash. Was Moses experiencing emotional turmoil after the loss of his elder sister Miriam?
Disobedience: Simple obedience is expected from the followers of the Lord. When God commanded Moses to speak, he struck or hit the rock not once, but twice. He was exceeding his brief.
Taking credit: Moses and Aaron asked the congregation if they should provide them with water. Instead of giving glory to God, they tried to steal the glory of God.
Accusing people of God: Indeed, the Israelites were stiff-necked people. Yet, Moses did not have the right to call them rebels. God was still working in their lives to mold them.
Anger: God was not angry with Israel, but he misrepresented God. He showed people as if God was angry. Moses showed Israel that God was moody and unpredictable like other gods and goddesses.
Endure till the end: Moses and Aaron in their last phase of ministry faltered. The glorious exodus could have ended with a glorious entry into the Promised Land.
Miracles are not mechanical: When God performs miracles, does He need to do the same way again? Moses perhaps assumed that God would perform miracles the same way he did before at Marah. (Exodus 17:5) Remembering that he just struck the rock. The historical experience blocks the vision of newer, better, and glorious things.
Stricter standard: God judges the teachers and leaders by a stricter standard. (James 3:1) The error seems to be simple or minor, yet as a lawgiver, there was a greater expectation and greater standard.
Spiritual error: The water-providing and life-giving rock was a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ according to Paul. (I Corinthians 10:4) The Messiah will be struck only once. (Hebrews 10:10-13)
Punished: Holy God cannot compromise with sin. When Moses was punished, God was glorified among the congregation.
Do I stumble like Moses?