Miracles are normal?

In the olden days, blood tests to find ‘sugar’ level in a person was carried out as a long process. The blood would be extracted from a patient, taken to a lab and put in a basic metallic panel to test for chemicals like sodium, potassium, chloride…etc. Then the reading would be written and sent to the patient. The process could take few hours. Now, the situation has changed. There is a common model equipment: With a prick in the finger, the blood is rubbed with a strip, and the reading appears in the display panel. The test that took hours could be done in minutes. The whole process is accelerated, and time is compressed. Can this be called a miracle? For some it is a miracle or a sort of a miracle; for others it is normal.
Lord Jesus fed five thousand plus people on one occasion which is recorded in all the four gospels. People were gathered and Lord concerned about their welfare asked, disciples to feed them. They expressed their inability or excuses. Andrew brought a small boy with five barley loaves and two fish. Lord blessed the bread and fish and all the five thousand plus ate and they gathered twelve baskets full of fragments. Was it a miracle?
Every day seeds are sown, multiplied seeds are harvested, grounded, and baked into bread. This process may take three months or so. Now, the Lord of universe compresses the time and the process and just multiplies the bread directly. Does not the Sovereign Lord and Creator have power and authority to speed up or bypass normal process to create desired product. From human perspective, it is really a miracle. From God’s perspective, it is just a normal work that he does from eternity. For God miracles are normal.
Do I experience God’s miracles every day?

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