Prayer of Solomon

When Solomon dedicated the Temple, he prayed to God. The prayer provides insights for us to pray purposely. People who pray to Lord should be facing towards the Temple, indicating that Temple as centre of the world.

1) Humility: All people have to go to God’s presence in humility. There is no privileges that world accords have any value in God’s presence.

2) Maker and keeper of Promise: Solomon remembers God who is initiator or maker of Promise. He is also keeper of Promise. Covenant and Promise keeping God.

3) God’s dwelling place: David was living in a cedar palace and the Ark of Covenant was in tents, hence David wanted to build a ‘Temple’ for the Lord. However, Lord forbade David as he had shed blood in war, and his son Solomon, who will enjoy peace would build a temple. (I Chronicle 17) Earth is Lord’s footstool and He is not restrained within a constructed building. (Isaiah 66:1) However, Solomon pleads that eyes of God may be upon that temple always.

4) Oath in temple: God honours and accepts ‘oaths’ declared by worshippers.

5) Defeated Nation: When nation of Israel sins, defeated and deported, Solomon prays that their prayers for forgiveness be answered and be restored back to the land.

6) No rain: God could punish with lack of rain, then also the Nation should repent and be reconciled to God.

7) Plague and Famine: Affliction and sorrow due to pestilence and famine could happen may come upon the Nation of Israel. When the nation repents, Lord should be gracious.

8) Foreigner Prays: When a non-Israel acknowledges greatness of God and His power, and asks for anything, God would grant so that His name is glorified in the whole world.
9) Prayer before battle: Before going for war, the Nation will pray for God’s protection, God shall grant it.

10) Rest for Ark: The Temple is the resting place for Ark of Covenant.

Is my public prayer comprehensive and meaningful always?