Motivation for Mission

Lord Jesus Christ commented about the Children of Light as a conclusion of His Parable of a shrewd manager: “For the sons of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light.” (Luke 16:8) Generally, the people of the world are passionate, aggressive, relentless and focused in doing things that may not give eternal dividends. Even in the history of the church, it is evident. The passion of Paul was missing after his generation. The church was wasting energy on unwarranted fights, corruption, and power dominance.
Love for knowledge: There were explorers like Columbus who ventured out to find new sea routes and new lands. They were motivated by curiosity to know the world that was beyond. Reading about their travel or travel reports, some people were excited. Following these explorers, they went as missionaries to those regions.
Love for power: Following the explorers, the kings and emperors sent their armies and conquered lands. Their motivation was love for power. As they went, so did the church or missions follow the same sea route to those lands. Since the missions were in tandem with the colonial powers, missionary work was dubbed a colonial mission or agents of colonizers.
Love for money: Following the explorers sometimes were the traders and businessmen. Their motive was money or wealth. Many risked their lives to go yonder and bring wealth. Many times, their wealth came from oppression and exploitation. After them or along with them, the missionaries also traveled on ships to reach out to people of newer regions.
Love for God: Instead of the church being pioneered in unreached and unknown lands as well as languages, we were not taking initiative. The social, economic, and political initiatives came from individual explorers, traders, or politically ambitious kings or emperors. The church just followed that lead. However, Paul declares that: “Christ’s love compels us.” (II Corinthians 5:14) The same vision, dynamics, and progress that Paul modeled should be followed by the church.
Am I compelled by the love of Christ to be engaged in missions?