Life pursuits or Life purpose!

A deer runs towards what it perceives as water. The further the deer runs; the water seems still further. Being tired, it stops and looks back. It perceives that it has run past the water. Hence, the deer runs back. Confused, the deer runs back and forth, until it falls exhausted and dead. Sometimes, humans try to find meaning and purpose of life. For that, they take up pursuits that seem to be challenging as well as rewarding. However, when they accomplish those, they feel like the deer.
Esther: In the life of Esther, the three major pursuits of humans came to her. However, Mordecai taught her that life is more than that. Understanding God’s will, she got her place in the history of the Nation of Israel, this world, and in the heavens.
Beauty: People like to look handsome or beautiful. Teenagers aspire to have the beauty and looks of celebrities. For that many are willing to spend time, money, training, and undergo surgeries. However, Esther, a slave who was adopted by Mordecai was judged the most beautiful girl in the world by Emperor Ahasuerus. (Esther 2:16)
Power and authority: Esther was not only chosen as the most beautiful girl in the kingdom but she was also crowned as the queen in place of Vashti. (Esther 2:17) She was the most powerful woman of the Empire and wielded great authority over 127 provinces.
Wealth: As the queen or empress of a vast empire, she had immense wealth. The jewels including the necklace, crown, and estate… were enormous. She would have been one of the richest women in the world.
Perish: Mordecai came to know about the influence of Haman which resulted in an ordinance that permitted the genocide of Jews living in 127 provinces. He requested his adopted daughter to intervene and stop this government-sponsored ethnic cleansing, if not, she will also perish with all Jews. (Esther 4:14)
Purpose: Life has meaning only when the purpose of God is fulfilled in one’s life. Esther stops genocide by exposing the conspiracy of Haman to the king.
Do I have life pursuits or life purpose?