Not one stone left over another

The temple in Lord Jesus’ time was rebuilt by Zerubbabel and Ezra. (Ezra 6:15) It was extended and expanded by Herod. Herod doubled the Temple area to 36 acres (150000 square meters). The Herod project began in 19 BC and was completed only 63 AD to be destroyed seven years later.
Idol: For Jews it was the centre of their religious life. Many Jews swear by the Temple and speaking against the temple was considered blasphemy. (Matthew 23:16; Acts 6:13) In fact, the temple became more important than God Himself or His Law. During Babylonian Captivity, they renounced all foreign gods, but made the Temple as their object of faith.
Impressive structure: The Temple was indeed an impressive structure. Josephus said that the Temple was covered on the outside with gold plates. When the sun shined, it was a brilliant scene. Where there were no gold plates, those were covered with blocks of white marble. From a distance it appeared like snow.
Temple cleansed: Lord Jesus Christ cleansed the Temple precincts that became a bazaar. The priests wilfully rejected animals brought for sacrifice and compelled the worshippers to buy in the market run by priests. The money exchange business also flourished when Diaspora Jews came to worship and brought foreign currency. Lord said that the House of Prayer has become the Den of thieves. (Matthew 21:12-13)
Greater: Lord Jesus claimed that he was greater than the majestic Temple. (Matthew 12:6) Lord prophesied that one stone shall not be left over another. (Mark 13:2: Matthew 24:2)
Romans crush revolt: Jewish revolt in 70 AD was ruthlessly crushed by Romans. 1.1 million people were killed, 97000 were taken captive. Few Jews (about 6000) went inside the Temple to hide themselves from the fury of Romans, thinking they would be safe.
False object Dismantled: The Temple was surrounded by soldiers, one soldier who was drunk started a fire that engulfed the temple. The gold melted and went between the cracks of the stones. The Roman commander ordered his soldiers to dismantle stone by stone to retrieve the gold.
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