Perfection a human quest

God created Adam and Eve in His own image and placed them in a fabulous, most beautiful, and sustainable place known as the Garden of Eden. Disregarding the commandment of God, they heeded the stupid suggestion of Satan. (Genesis 3) Not only did they disobey, but also rebelled, and sinned, they brought upon humanity curse and unimaginable misery. The goal of the gospel is to present every person perfect in the Lord Jesus Christ. (Colossians 1:28-29) However, humans strive to attain perfection by their own efforts and have failed several times. Carl Trueman in his book: The Rise and Triumph of the Human Self has captured very well the changing emphases.
Idiotic man: Humans were private individuals, living with their families, with little social interaction. The public space and governance were yet to be discovered or designed.
Political man: Humans began to organize themselves and engage in public activities. The kings, nobles, and courts were dominating the public space.
Religious man: Then some predominantly religious persons attended mass, celebrated feasts, went on pilgrimage, and followed the liturgical calendar. Trusting the religious leaders, they followed rituals, customs, and traditions.
Economic man: With the advent of the Industrial era, engaging in production, buying, selling, and making money was the priority. Job satisfaction, which meant providing food for the family, sending children to good schools, healthy and secure life. The pursuit was for prosperity. Trade unions and working men’s clubs were important.
Psychological man: A type characterized not so much by finding identity in outward-directed activities as was true for the previous types but rather in the inward quest for personal psychological happiness which results in emptiness. Psychologization has manifested in the sexual revolution, the poison pill that is killing religion and civilization. The feeling is central and wants to do what he feels makes him happy. Hence, for him, the community is a hindrance to attaining his potential.
Perfect man: However, only the gospel can transform a person as perfect. The Word of God is perfect which shapes a person perfectly. (Psalms 19:7-9) The Spirit of God indwells to bring transformation.
Do I aspire to be perfect in Christ?