Tomb Number 14

The First Protestant Mission began with the students from Halle University who came to Tranquebar in 1706. The first missionaries were Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg and Heinrich Plutschau. Following the duo, God sent many more on the same path. The cemetery with several graves bears testimony of those times when the gospel light penetrated India. One of them is numbered 14. Jebakumar has authored a book Kalarai 14 in Tamil. How beautiful are their feet? (Romans 10:15)
C.S. John
John Christopher Schnarre was born in 1747 in Germany to godly parents, whose father was a priest. In 1769 he was ordained after completion of his studies at Halle University, Copenhagen, Denmark. The first six years were indeed a tough time because his salary was inadequate, he arrived late and had to manage with meager clothes and meager food. Yet, he served tirelessly in India for 42 years, never going to his country. He had established 20 schools for children and was passionate about universal school education for all.
Tested like Job
John was married to Sophia Gulberg. They were blessed with children, of whom four died and they were buried, sown for the glory of God in the same grave, where he was buried in 1813. Julie Susanne, Ernest Christian, Gottlieb Friedrich, and Ernest Gottlieb were the four children, who all died when they were less than four years old. He compares himself with Job, and when he can bounce back, as Restored Job. His friend who helped him in hard times is compared with Jonathan.
Scientific research
As God has revealed himself in his creation, the scientific study of nature is an important aspect of his mission. Honoring his research two fish, a snake, and a herb bears his name: Johnius, Lutjanus Johnii, Eryz Johnii, and Impatiens Johni. His contribution to treating snake bites, dog bites, and elephantiasis with the help of Local Tamil Siddha doctors got very late global recognition after two centuries.
His rich legacy is a holy passionate life, school education, scientific research, and mentoring prominent local leaders like Vedanayaga Sastriar of Tanjore John Devasahayam.
What is God-given mission for me?