Pause or take a break

Laborers who toil wish to take breaks or pause, probably to take some deep breaths and drink some water. Even a sportsperson does that to gain more focus, energy, and strength. In the book of Psalms also there is a note: Selah. It is like a traffic signal: Stop, Pause and Go.
Meaning of Selah
Hebrew scholars give a variety of meanings for this word. First, this word is a synonym for the word: forever. Second, it could mean raising voices in praise. Third, make the instruments louder. Fourth, it could be called on to wait and think.
Think: Reading the bible should always lead a believer to think. The sacred thoughts should be understood and grasped. In other words, should meditate the day and night like the blessed man. (Psalms 1:1-3) Scripture leads to the renewal of the mind. (Romans 12:2)
Reflect: While reading the Bible, the mind should be calm and reflect on the meaning of the text. There would be commands, promises, warnings, truth about God, and models to follow. How could these be applied in our lives for spiritual growth and renewal? It is not an intellectual exercise, but an introspection of life.
Ponder: This act helps a believer to consider and compare different perspectives. How does the world think, while how Scripture nudges us to think differently? It helps to evaluate the ideas and norms of the culture in the light of the Scripture. Pondering leads to discerning God’s will, which in turn leads to actions like decision-making and problem-solving.
Wonder: A believer wonders at God’s amazing thoughts that are high, and lofty than all human thoughts and ideas. (Isaiah 55:8-9) His amazing ways lead a person to fall on his knees in worship and raise his voice in praise.
Remember: Studying the Word of God helps us to remember God’s faithfulness in keeping covenants, fulfilling Promises, and answering prayers. Recalling from the Scripture, history, and personal lives, helps believers to be grateful and hopeful.
Obedience: The Bible is not a reference book of information, but truth that demands obedience. Selah results in obedience and commitment.
Do I perform Selah?