Mission amid persecution

One Christian leader asked all Christians not to be involved in evangelism and to stop all mission and outreach work, as persecution has increased. According to him: by sharing the gospel Christians offend the people who follow other faiths.
Salt and light
There are three approaches: Insulation, Isolation, and penetration. The church could be insulated from the world, resisting any meaningful dialogue. The church could acknowledge the differences, challenges, and existence of other religions, but refuse to be engaged at all. The church could be involved in the society penetrating like salt or light. (Matthew 5:14-16) Once salted food cannot be unsalted. So, is the Christian influence in any society or nation?
Ready Always
Engaging in the world with other cultures, religions, and worldviews is a tough task. There is a need to be prepared in many ways. (I Peter 3:15-16) For that, there is a need for several dimensions of preparation a disciple should do. Sadly, many leaders including pastors and missionaries are neither prepared nor trained.
First, is the spiritual preparation of humility, treating others with dignity, and involve in courteous conversation. Second, the psychological preparation of not having superiority-complex, but an attitude that of a receptor of God’s grace. Third, mental preparation of knowing the truth of the Scripture that renews the mind and understanding the perspective of another person. Paul was willing to quote from literature other than scripture. Fourth, emotional preparation of having a redemptive attitude rather than a triumphalist attitude and hurting other sentiments. Five, the theological preparation to understand the deeper truths of the Scripture and attributes of God. Six, social preparation of willingness to allow another person to use Free will to make choices and decisions. Not imposing the ideas, but humbly presenting the truth. Seven, for the common good, be willing to work with all for the betterment of society and the upliftment of humans. Eight, practical preparation to share the testimony or gospel in a short time of three minutes, as well as a longer version. This could be written and memorized for effective presentation.
Do I share the gospel clearly and concisely?