Perspective Changed

Those who have a personal relationship with Lord Jesus Christ are perpetually changed. Simon Peter was one of the millions who have been transformed. Yet, others turned against the Lord, like Judas.
Perceive: Only those who think, reflect, or consider would understand the truth. All people in all parts of the globe, living in history, had an opportunity to see nature. They could have easily understood God’s invisible attributes: divine nature and eternal power could be easily perceived. (Romans 1:20) However, most of them failed.
Person: Peter observed Lord Jesus like any other person. After getting acquainted with him, Peter knew him as a carpenter from Nazareth. When he listened to His teachings, Peter realized that Lord Jesus was a Rabbi, a Jewish religious teacher. When Lord ordered Peter to cast the net into the deep, and caught two boats full of fish, he realized Lord Jesus was the Messiah, the Holy Son of God. Realizing that he was a sinful man, he fell on his feet. (Luke 5:1-11)
Purpose: Those who come to the Son of God realize that they are created by God for a purpose. They are not cosmic orphans surviving and killing time on earth. Lord gave specific information and instruction to Peter. When he chooses to follow Lord Jesus Christ, he will not be just catching live fish and killing them but catching men and women who are spiritually dead and giving them eternal life. Peter’s life got new meaning and purpose.
Profession: Peter was excited about the Lord’s call to make him ‘Fishers of Men’. His life aspiration was fulfilled, to do something significant, meaningful, and transformational. Hence, Peter decided to leave his profession of fishing, to follow the Lord in faith.
Possessions: Boats and nets are precious and prized possession of a fisherman. When Peter had given up the profession, he could give up the professional tools too, even when they were expensive.
Perpetual change: Any person who decides to follow the Lord Jesus Christ experiences a positive, progressive, and perpetual change of status.
Have I experienced perpetual change?