Too Big to Carry the Bible?

It was a mega church that looked like an auditorium. The pastor comes to the stage in a special route designed in such a way that all people would turn and see him. With escorts carrying guns, he goes towards the dais, while is followed by a man carrying a bible respectfully. As the pastor sits, the man places the bible on the pulpit. Then that man sits among the pews. After the service is over the ritual repeats. The person carrying the bible goes out first, followed by a pastor with his escorts. When asked, an ardent pastor’s assistant explained: “Lord Jesus Christ in the synagogue in Nazareth was handed over the book of Isaiah (Luke 4:17), and he read. In the same way, our pastor is handed over the bible and he does not carry it.”
Historical context: The Jewish synagogue during Lord Jesus Christ’s time, had a chest resembling the Ark of Covenant in which the scrolls of the Old Testament were stored. The printed bibles came to be available only in the 15th century when the printing press was invented. Until that time the books of the bible were hand copies in scrolls, parchments, and papyrus. Such copies were available only in synagogues, Jerusalem temple, and to rich individuals. When Lord Jesus stood up to read, he was handed over the scroll.
Mindset: The behavior exposes the hierarchical mindset. This is to treat some as superior and others as inferiors. Those in the upper hierarchy think it is below their dignity to do certain jobs. Such jobs are considered demeaning and should be done only by people who are slaves or servants or lower castes.
Outsource: Giving the hard tasks to others, and getting only the benefits or completed product is termed as outsourcing. When it is difficult to cook at home, food could be outsourced. Sadly, people think that many spiritual blessings could be outsourced. Sending prayer requests to a tele-evangelist who fasts and does not personally fast and pray is an example.
Do I realize that spirituality could not be outsourced?