Pomp and Prominence

People like to be popular, and prosperous. No wonder, two of the disciples of Lord Jesus Christ also were driven by aspirations, ambitions and desire. Then, the sons of Zebedee did not directly ask the Lord but tried to do mediation through their mother. Lord Jesus asked whether they will be ready to go through the baptism, they said they will. Lord said, even if they could, it is the Father in Heaven prerogative to decide who could be seated at his right and left. (Matthew 20: 21-24)
1) Prominence: James and John wanted Prominence among the twelve. They wanted to be at the top of the heap certainly not at the bottom.
2) Position: People seek position that gives authority. James and John wanted to be Prime Ministers or deputy Prime Ministers of the Kingdom of God.
3) Power: Second, they were seeking power over people, resources and the whole Kingdom of God.
4) Proximity: James and John expected preferential treatment everywhere and always. Such proximity with the Lord and Messiah, could be taken advantage by manipulating people, amassing wealth and getting additional privileges.
5) Priority: For James and John their self was priority in contrast to the Kingdom of God. Just like premier class passengers in flights, they could get priority. In fact, they want all to be served, instead Kingdom of God is to serve.
6) Popularity: People assume that they will have popularity among masses, when they have power and position.
7) Possessions: Holding high position and power could generate possessions too.
Prominence, Position Power, Proximity for personal advantage, Priority of self over kingdom, Popularity, and Possessions are not Kingdom values but anti-kingdom values.
Is our mind governed by the values of the Kingdom of God?