Preparation and Hope

Boys used to play cricket or hockey in a lane with a dead end. Generally, they leave the bricks they use to erect the stumps for cricket or goal posts for hockey. Several times, people who pass that way would advise the boys to remove those bricks after they play so that no one is hurt. One late evening grandfather of one of the boys came walking, did not notice the bricks in the dark, stumbled, feel down, and broke his teeth. The boys neither cared for others nor about discipline.

In homes, what if dinner table is not cleared; vendors on streets, just throw their leftovers and leave; offices dust bin and other things are not cleared? In the morning, when they start afresh, they confront great difficulty as it consumes their fresh energy, brings down moods and makes the whole day frustrated. The healthy habit is to complete all works in the last hour of the day’s work. Each fresh day must begin with great hope and expectation.

Two disciples were cleaning the net though they caught nothing during their long toil. However, they were washing their nets, making preparation for the next day.
“He saw two boats by the lake, but the fishermen had gone out of them and were washing their nets.” (Luke 5:2) Though their efforts did not give them required reward, they looked forward for the next trip to Sea of Galilee for fishing with hope. Hence, they kept it ready.
When there is no hope ‘fatalism’ takes over. Fatalism leads to laziness, instead of hard work. The people who were called to be disciples were not lazy but worked hard in anticipation of new day. It also shows their self-discipline. Perhaps, Lord also considered those qualities to choose them as apostles.
Lord rewarded the disciples to launch out again and they had a great catch of fishes. Yet, they left them to follow Lord Jesus Christ to become fishers of men. (Luke 5:11)
Do I have diligence with hope a great asset for excellence?