True Love

An old man and his wife live in a small town, while their son is married and settled in a foreign country. A high-ranking business professional visits his parents. Mother lovingly cooks food and serves him. Though he ate, he did not like it. Later he had a conversation with this father: “Dad, the food was lousy. You said it was great. Should I arrange for a hotel to provide all your meals, tasty and hygienic?” Old dad stopped his son said: “You can see things only as a management professional. Sorry, your education and success has made you like that.” (Adapted from an incident narrated by Abdul Kalam, former President of India.)
Then he explained to his son love life principles.
1) Love: The Royal Law of the Lord teaches us to love even neighbours as ourselves. If I were in your mother’s position will like to hear such comments? “Do to others what you expect others to do to you.” (Matthew 7:12)
2) Being sensitive: In the old age, your mother works hard, cooks in spite of being weak and feeble. She will be tired easily and get exhausted soon. Thanking her and encouraging her is my duty.
3) Love covers: In Proverbs we read; Love covers a multitude of sins. (Proverbs 10:12) In life, we have to overlook others’ inadequacies, weakness and shortcomings. That is for our good. Otherwise we will end up continuously nagging others.
4) Eating? Life is not just eating and drinking. This is just an essential part to survive, nothing beyond that. There are many other things that deserves our attention.
The old man continued to tell: “In your management institutions and in your seminars, they can teach your ‘raw’ management that could be effective in work places. Family runs on different principles of love, sharing, nurturing, and caring.”
Do I follow love life principles in my home or management principles?