Protection for a child of God

Elizabeth was a beautiful young woman. One person who was enchanted by her beauty wanted to marry her. He approached Doddana who was a magician, black magician and involved in witchcraft. He paid him an advance to mesmerize Elizabeth and make her marry him. So, Doddana went to Elizabeth’s house in disguise, took sand from under her foot, hair and some more items by bribing one of her friends. These were essential to prepare a custom-designed ink for her. Then he went to his room which had all magic arts: snakes, special books, puja utensils, human skulls and other bones. He named a lemon as Elizabeth, pronounced the 1001 mantra and sprinkled 1001 flowers. The process was almost over, now he can give life to lemon and dictate whatever she had to do. Elizabeth would be mesmerized and do what Dodanna commands her to do, especially to marry that person who desperately wanted her.

That was the time a bright light, which was brighter than hundreds of bulbs appeared in the room, and a person was in the midst who said; “Doddana, you cannot restrain me in you, ink bottles or lemons, you cannot possess my daughter Elizabeth. Throw the lemon off.” He disappeared and in the midst of light saw a symbol of the cross. Doddana was scared, so he went to a church, on which he had led an attack by sending several snakes a few weeks ago. The congregation was scared and ran helter-skelter, he went and fell at the feet of the pastor. The pastor embraced him and taught him about Lord Jesus Christ. He also read from the Bible a verse that provides assurance for the protection of his children from the attack of evil forces, including magic, witchcraft and demons. “For there is no enchantment against Jacob, no divination against Israel; now it shall be said of Jacob and Israel.” (Numbers 23:23) Doddana became a disciple of Lord Jesus Christ and shared his testimony to many people in public meetings.

Do I understand, appreciate and thank God for His loving protection?