Ripple Effect of Mission

The mission epicentre would be Jerusalem. (Acts 1:8) This is the place where Lord Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose again from the dead, and ascension to heaven happened before numerous witnesses. The mission could be classified as four categories:

E0 Mission: Evangelism and witness in Jerusalem could be considered as the E0. In this it could be considered as Jerusalem, the hometown or native place. The place could have the same culture, the same language, and even the same belief systems.
Some applications could be ministry among Christians who are considered as nominal.
It could be considered as a mission to cities, where there are a lot of people groups or language groups as in metropolitan cities.

E1 Mission: Judea is the countryside of Israel. The people were also of the same culture, language and belief system. If Jerusalem is the National or provincial capital, the Judea was the country-side or other parts of a province or a nation.

E2 Mission: Samaria was the neighbouring province. The people there have similar culture, similar language, and similar belief system. For example, people of neighbouring states in India, have similar culture and language is also easy to learn. Malayalam and Tamil are similar; Odia and Bengali are similar; Telugu and Kannada are similar; Gujarati and Marathi are similar.
In the current world, migration can also be considered in this category. For migrants, the environment is the same as the host culture. Host city churches reaching out to migrants from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds are engaged in E2 mission.

E3 Mission: The mission has to reach all the nooks and corners of the world. All cultures, languages, people groups, nations and families should hear the gospel. The gospel has to cross all barriers and reach people. This means going into different cultures, learning a new language and communicating the gospel. The mission is tough, expensive, and highly dedicated to people. E3 is the most difficult of all categories of missions. In the modern world, the utmost part of the world has to include the Digital world too.

What are my areas of mission engagement?