Psychologically Destroyed?

Neymar Da Silva Santos a professional Brazilian football player posted on his Instagram page after his team was defeated by Croatia in the World Cup match on 9 December 2022: “I’m psychologically destroyed… the defeat that hurt me the most, which made me paralyzed for 10 minutes and right after I fell into non-stop crying.”
Sportsman spirit: All people who play sports are expected to develop a mature character termed a Sportsman Spirit. The quality of playing by rules, respect, dignity, fairness, and generosity to the opposing team when competing for the prize or cup, or honor. Not seeking unfair advantage, cheating, or refusing to accept defeat.
Psychologically destroyed: When a sportsperson considers a win as only life-purpose, when such a dream is not achieved, even after hard work, a person is shattered. For Neymar, winning the World Cup, which is temporary for his nation Brazil, was the only purpose of his life. When the team was defeated unexpectedly, he was psychologically destroyed. Now, his life has neither a meaning nor a purpose. Sadly, for the rest of his life he would regret or feel guilty for not achieving the dream.
Loss and destruction: Job was a rich man, he was tested in a crucible like gold. In a matter of twenty-four hours, he lost ten children, all his sheep, livestock, camels…etc. Yet he was not psychologically destroyed. He courageously accepted the defeat of life and gave thanks to God. (Job 1:21) David and his men when they reached Ziklag, the city was burnt with fire and looted and all men, women, and children, including David, were taken as slaves by Amalekites. Yet, he was not psychologically destroyed. (I Samuel 30:1-6)
Spiritually strengthened: David’s associates were bitter and even wanted to stone David. Nevertheless, David strengthened himself in the Lord, worked out a counter strategy, overcame Amalekites, and recovered all that was looted including his wives, children, and people of the city. (I Samuel 30:18)
Resilience: When things are not favorable, facing defeats, people give up. Those who have resilience, bounce back.
Do I have the spiritual strength of resilience?