Trash and Treasure

A teenager had a bicycle that he used to ride to school. It was a good cycle that he had used for less than a year. As he became eligible to ride a scooter/motorcycle, he stopped riding a bicycle. One day his father asked: ‘Now you are using a motorcycle, will you use the bicycle?’ The young man said he will not. Then his father asked him to give it off to someone who could use it. After a few days, the rusting cycle disappeared. It was an interesting testimony.
Trash or Treasure: The young man went to the church and discussed donating a second-hand cycle to someone. The youth leaders said: “In our fellowship, there is a poor boy who is placing his prayer request for a bicycle, we can present it to him. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”
Blessed to give: Lord Jesus Christ taught that it is blessed to give. (Acts 20:35) The young man learned a lesson to give his old cycle. Instead of allowing it to let it become unusable, or keeping it as sentimental possession, he learned it to give to an appropriate needy person. He did not try to sell the old cycle and pocket the money.
Answered prayer: God answers prayer by moving the heart to someone to help others. The poor boy prayed, along with other believers, and God moved the heart of the young man to give. The boy also had faith and humility to share in the youth fellowship.
Community: The youth leader did not know how to help the poor boy but sought an opportunity. He connected the young man who had a bicycle to give away, and the poor boy who desperately needed one.
Stewardship: The act of giving by the young man cannot be termed as sacrificial giving, but as surplus giving or a stewardship giving. Yes, there are so many things in the world that go to waste as someone did not have the heart to give. Once a year, such giving off of our things could bless many.
Do I give away treasures to others?