Queen of Sheba, who sought wisdom

The remarkable queen heard of the wisdom of Solomon, visited him to learn and was blessed. (I Kings 10:1-13; II Chronicles 9:1-12; Matthew 12:42)
1) Great information: The greatness of King Solomon regarding his wisdom was known around the world and kings sought an audience to listen to him. Now the Great gospel, portraying the wisdom, life, sacrifice, death, burial, resurrection and ascension is preached around the world.
2) Great journey: The trip to Jerusalem was about 1500 miles. Traveling such a long distance that too carrying Four and a half tons of gold, spices, and precious stones, was a high-risk adventure. Lord Jesus brings us out of darkness to light.
3) Great conversations: The queen of Sheba had many questions as Solomon had written about trees, animals and birds and reptiles; proverbs, Songs and spiritual life. God continues to speak with us through the Word of God and believers could speak with him through prayer.
4) Great Gifts of the Queen: She brought four and half tons of gold, spices and precious stones. It was like the Wisemen who brought gifts when Lord Jesus was born. (Matthew 2:11) Now believers offer themselves as a Living sacrifice.
5) Glory and Riches: Wisdom was expressed in all aspects of Solomon’s life. As a keen observer Queen of Sheba could list what impressed her: House architecture built over thirteen years (I Kings 7:1), Food on his table, ivory throne with seat of officials, attendance of servants in uniform, cup bearers and burnt offerings in the temple. For believers, Lord Jesus is King of kings, Lord of Lords and his attributes like His love, riches, grace, wisdom are unfathomable.
6) Generous Solomon: Solomon not only answered her questions, but he also gave a generous gift. Lord Jesus gives us meaning, purpose and plan in this life and eternal life with eternal riches.
7) Great Commendation: Queen of Sheba searched for wisdom, all have to search for truth. The Lord will confess his children’s names before Father. (I Kings 10:1-13; II Chronicles 9:1-12; Matthew 12:42)

Do I seek Wisdom and Truth rigorously?

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