Worry, Hurry and Curry!

A man got frequently sick. The reason was not just physical, it was more emotional and spiritual. Doctor said: “Your problem is Worry, Hurry and Curry. Avoid all of them, you will be healthy.” That is true with many people today.
1) Worry: Humans are naturally prone to worries. Worry is rooted in fear. Fear also could be varied. Fear about the future, failure, sickness, finances, family, and death are some of them. When a person thinks about those fears, gets worried and depressed. Heart disease, asthma, accelerated aging, obesity, diabetics, headaches, gastrointestinal problems…etc are caused by worry. Medicine can help to reduce the symptoms but not deal with the root cause. ‘Don’t worry, it may never happen,’ is a proverb. Yes, many worries do not turn into realities. That means, most worries are pessimistic imaginations. Paul teaches us to convert worries to petitions with praise and thanksgiving. Thus, worries would be replaced by peace that is the fruit of faith on the Risen Savior.
2) Hurry: People who do not prepare, take precautions and plan well end up doing things in haste. When there is no travel plan, people would hurry to get a vehicle. This could be avoided by planning well ahead. Five Foolish virgins had to hurry to get oil. Believers are steadfast in their faith, have right priorities and discern God’s will. Hence all things are done decently and in order. Prophet Isaiah writes: ‘Whoever believes will not be in haste.’ (Isaiah 28:16)
3) Curry: Many people today are always in a hurry, hence no time to eat wholesome and healthy food. They choose junk food or fast food that is dearth of micronutrients. It could be cheap and convenient, but not good for health. God has promised to bless our food: bread and water which would give strength, stamina and robust immunity to fight diseases. Simple food would be blessed by God. (Exodus 23:25) Also, disciples’ priority should not be the bread that perishes but that gives eternal life. (John 6:27)
Have I overcome worry, hurry and curry to lead a healthy life?