Ravening, Roaming and Roaring lion

Satan is symbolized as a lion and described as Ravening, Roaming and Roaring lion with the intention of devouring and defeating people of God. However, he is not successful when people of God are alert, submit to His authority and resist Satan.
1) Ravening: David writes in his Messianic psalm that Satan is like ‘a ravening and roaring lion.’ (Psalms 22:13) Ravening means extremely hungry and hunting. Satan is always hungry to devour righteous people. His full-time job-description is to hunt: harm, cripple and kill people of God. Satan is worse than what is described in Proverbs: “Sheol, the barren womb, the land never satisfied with water, and the fire that never says, “Enough.” (Proverbs 30:16)
2) Restless and Roaming: Satan always roams around the earth, looking for victims and trying to get permission from God to afflict them. (Job 2:2) Hyperactive Satan is restless and roaming always. God as Sovereign Lord ‘vetoes’ all cunning suggestions of Satan to ‘test’ people beyond their capacity. (I Corinthians 10:13) Even when God gives permission, he opens door for escape.
3) Roaring lion: Peter describes Satan as a roaring lion. (I Peter 5:8) There is a proverb, ‘barking dogs do not bite.’ Roaring lion – Satan cannot bite. Lions did not harm Daniel, even when he was in ‘lion’s den’. (Daniel 6:22) Roars of lion in mountainous and jungle with echoes could terrify animals like deer. They get confused and run. Exhausted they fall, lion easily picks up its meal. In the same way, Satan can terrify believers who do not constantly strengthen themselves in God’s word.
Peter gives us to have victory over Satan. Submit and Resist: Disciples of the Lord should submit to God’s Sovereign Authority, Will, Plan and Purpose. Then we can resist Satan and he will flee. He is terrified by the ‘blood of the Lamb and testimony of saints.’ (Revelation 12:11)
Do I live under Sovereign Authority and in victorious status over Satan?