Gods that fail

“Krishna, hit the headlines for the first time in 2018 by installing a photograph of Trump in his puja room and worshipping it every day along with other Hindu gods at his house in Konne village of Bachannapet block in Jangaon district.” (Hindustan times, 12 October 2020) Bussa Krishna was fascinated with Donald Trump then the President of USA. He liked the way he spoke, administered his nation. So obsessed with Trump that he built a six-foot statue of Donald Trump just in his home backyard. Every day he lighted lamps, offered food, poured milk and did rituals as done to many gods and goddesses in India.
When the news arrived, that Donald Trump was affected by Covid 19, Krishna was so upset and posted in Facebook: “I feel very sad that my god, Trump, has contracted the coronavirus. I ask everyone to pray for his speedy recovery.” He also fasted and prayed so that Trump could be healed. Without food, he prayed, chanted and got depressed. One night he had heart attack and died, when he was just 32 years old. This was reported in The New York Times on 24 October 2020 and in several other newspapers.
Prophet Jeremiah spoke: “Can man make for himself gods? Such are not gods!” (Jeremiah 16:20) This young man created his own ‘god’ our of a prominent man. Probably Bussa Krishna felt that he was powerful as he could upgrade a human to be a god. Sadly, when Trump was tested positive for Covid 19 virus, the man lost his faith on his own god. His whole foundation of faith collapsed and crumbled. Depressed, he experiences intense stress and heart attack.
Humans cannot become gods. There are many who build temples of actors, actress, politicians, sports personalities and others. In their mind they could feel powerful that they have capacity to create ‘gods’. It is like trusting mud horse to cross a stream. Many have shipwrecked their faith like Krishna builder of temple for Trump.
Am I creating my own god or trusting the true living God?

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