King of glory may come in!

My wife and I traveled to Bhutan. We did not realize a royal dignitary also was traveling in the same airplane. From the airport to capital city it takes about two hours of driving. As the royal dignitary traveled, we could follow at a distance. Two sides of the roads were decorated, in many places children with flags were welcoming the guests, colourful flowery arches were erected in several places, indeed it was a royal welcome. David called the city of Jerusalem to welcome the Lord of Glory with royal diligence and gaiety.
On this holy hill, Abraham met Melchizedek and was blessed. (Genesis 14:17-24) Jacob received the vision of ladder of divine ascent and descent. (Genesis 28:10-18) On this mountain the Ark of Covenant will be placed as ‘seed’ by David in the Promised Land.
Under the leadership of King David, the Ark of Covenant was brought to Jerusalem. (II Samuel 6) For that occasion, this psalm was written: “Lift up your heads, O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.” (Psalms 24:7) This is the first song of Ascent, the Jewish people sing as they climb the Mountain of the Lord in their pilgrimage.
David sings that the ‘gates’ which obstructed and hindered the Israelite’s from this great promise be ‘lifted up’ by the King of Glory (God). David leads 30000 people in procession of victory and worship. The gates are not just physical barriers as seen in ancient city gates; the gates are personification of powers, authorities, kings and princes, as well as principalities of Satan’s power that have prevented fulfillment of Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
When Eli’s daughter-in-law bore a son, she named him Ichabod: The glory has departed from Israel. (I Samuel 4:21). Now the ark is to enter Jerusalem, the glory of God the King of Heaven and Earth was returning.
Have I given a rousing welcome to the King of Glory in my heart?