Worshiping Children?

Loving children is good but worshiping them is dangerous. One old man was brought to an old-aged home by a young man stating he found him on street. The managers of the home welcomed the old man. He stayed there enjoying their hospitality for nearly five – six years. The old man died the management of the old-aged home were surprised as well as shocked. The man who came to drop off this old man was his son his bank balance and his real estate were willed to the son’s name. The son did not take care of his father, left him in a free care facility. Yet the father did not will his assets to the old-aged home that took care of him for more than five years. The Old man’s loyalty was towards his uncaring son, while he took undue advantage from a caring institution and did not reward them.
Even King David was like that. When he heard that his rebellious son Absalom was dead, he cried murmuring: “O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would I had died instead of you, O Absalom, my son, my son!” (II Samuel 18:33) Joab the army commander rebuked David for his insensitivity and obsession with his rebellious son. David indeed had shamed his army and loved those who hated him. Joab said that David would have been glad if all the army, his commanders and other children could have died, and Absalom would have lived. (II Samuel 19:5-7) David realized his blunder, changed his mood and started meeting his people. For David his son was precious than his kingdom.
One pastor made his drug-addict son as pastor, The young wife of son had to mix drug with water and give him when he preached. Pastor’s love for his son was like that of Eli, dishonoring God.
Loving children, caring for children, leading them in truth is every parents’ responsibility. Yet, being obsessed with them in untruth and unrighteousness is sin against God.
Do I give place of God to anyone else including children?