Rejoice in the prison?

Paul from the prison to his dear fellow believers in the city of Philippi to Rejoice Always. (Philippians 4:4) Is it possible to rejoice in the prison? Dr. Manoj Jacob is a man of integrity, compassion, and love for the poor and is always inclined to sacrificially, help the have-nots.
False allegations
In the State of Uttar Pradesh, there is a deliberate move by government authorities to curb the activities of good works the Christians do. Sadly, they do not have either the spirituality or the ability to serve people and do good. Hence, they persecute whoever does good. They alleged that Dr. Manoj was converting people using allurement and arrested him in the Goondas Act with charges including murder attempt.
Thrown in prison
Dr. Manoj and a few believers were thrown in prison for 45 days. On the first two days, he saw fights, rage, and anger among hardened criminals. The believers grouped and prayed to be bold and effective witnesses within the walls of the prison. The presence of God comforted and encouraged them.
Spiritual hunger
As Dr. Manoj and the team praised and prayed, God began His marvelous work. They experienced peace and joy beyond their comprehension. They could see other prisoners in great spiritual darkness. The prison became a platform for them to sing and preach the gospel. Throughout the day, they sang, prayed, and preached. There was an overwhelming joy, that the prison never experienced. The prisoners and jailors heard the gospel.
The lives of many prisoners were transformed, and the jail officials witnessed this amazing miracle. They remarked: We should set you free as you are converting people inside the prison.
Emotional prison
When Dr. Manoj shared his experience, he never mentioned or complained about the immense suffering he endured in the unhygienic prison, insect-infested rooms and toilets, stale food with worms…etc. He refused to be shut inside the emotional prison of fear and anxiety, more dangerous than physical prison. Instead, joyfully worshipped the Lord.
Do I rejoice in the Lord, do good, and witness in all circumstances?